Q & A

What information should I provide when requesting a quote?

Please provide us with the following information, to the extent that it is known.

→Locomotives / Motor cars
1. Maximum track grade and minimum curve radius
2. Gross loaded tow weight of cars
3. Travel speed when towing cars
4. Number of cars, desired delivery date
5. Rail gauge, loading gauge

→Motor cars
6. Required functions or equipment (cranes, snow removal equipment, work platforms, etc.)

When can I expect delivery?

Please be advised that as of August 2022, delivery may take approximately 12 months or longer, depending on the availability of engines and electrical components. We are afraid that delivery cannot be accelerated due to procurement issues; however, we would be happy to arrange for scheduled deliveries at the end of the fiscal year or on a specific date upon your request.

We are not sure that we will make a purchase. Is it OK if we just want to know the price for now?

No problem at all. Just contact us anytime.

Do you deliver anywhere in Japan?

Yes. We welcome your request for delivery to any part of Japan, to remote islands, and even to overseas destinations. Your product will be delivered directly from our factory in Niigata to anywhere in Japan that you request.

Can I order a specific engine?

Yes. We will consult with customers who already own vehicles to simplify maintenance and parts procurement. If you do not have a specific preference, we will select an appropriate engine that meets your specifications and requirements.

Can you produce reversing gears?

Yes. We also manufacture stand-alone reversing gears sized to fit existing locomotives.

Can you make just bogie trucks to fit our existing cars?

Yes. We can manufacture just bogie trucks after confirming the size and specifications of your current cars. We can also reinforce and strengthen your existing bogie trucks.

Do you have power sources other than diesel engines?

We can also provide rail cars that run on lithium-ion batteries and motors, as well as parallel hybrid system rail cars that have two power sources, both a diesel engine and a motor. Please check the Product page.

Please check our list of products.

We are considering new rail cars, other than your existing locomotives. You can count on us. Our company has specialists in mechanical and electrical design engineering. We can assist you with the development and production of new cars based on your concept or needs, starting from just one car.

Are you available for media interviews?

Yes. Please contact the Administration Department.

Is your factory open for tours?

Yes. We are pleased to welcome a wide range of visitors including students and other groups. Please contact the Administration Department. Our office building is barrier-free and we have bus parking available.
* Please note that we may not be able to accommodate all requests for tours depending on our production schedule or for safety reasons.

What are the sales points of Hokuriku Heavy Industries?

Our corporate policy is to be a service provider, not just a manufacturer. We are committed to manufacturing the products that our customers are looking for and always aim to satisfy customer needs. We provide services flexibly and strive to exceed expectations and meet all of your needs.

And finally…
Niigata has a well-deserved reputation for delicious sake, rice, and seafood. It is not part of our strengths as a company, but our customers always enjoy the local specialties when they visit us. We hope you have a chance to enjoy everything Niigata has to offer, and of course, visit us too.