CSR activities

Our initiatives

We believe that we are contributing to the development of society by delivering railroad vehicles.
Here are our activities.



Delivered a locomotive to the Democratic Republic of Congo on a Japanese Government ODA project.

From our stakeholders, we receive various needs and expectations reflective of social challenges.
As a corporate group member, we are committed to meeting such needs and expectations of our stakeholders through our operation while fulfilling the principles of social responsibility.

Key Principles / Principles of Social Responsibility

SDGs Sustainable Development Goal


SDG (Sustainable Development Goal), which has 17 goals at its heart, is a universal call for action to solve various social issues to achieve a world where “No one will be left behind”. We, as a group, are happy to express that we seek to contribute to the achievement of SDGs through corporate activities.

Link to SDGs commitment declaration by Kyokuto group↓

Community involvement

Community involvement

We are proud to provide our community with a unique educational opportunity to help deepen the understanding of manufacturing. We accept factory visits and tours from local elementary schools, universities, and various other entities. We actively make print and TV media appearances (both private and state-run TV stations) as a company that supports and enhances good public relations within the community.
[Recent TV Appearances]
1. The “Gatatopi” segment of “Yugata Wide Niigata Ichiban” evening show aired by TeNY (affiliated with Nippon Television Network System)
2. The “Zokkon Higashi Ku Week” segment of “Yunavi” evening show aired by BSN (affiliated with Toyo Broadcasting System Television)
3. The “Tanken Thursday” segment of “Super J Niigata” show aired by UX (affiliated with TV Asahi Network)
4. The “Jo-Chu-Kaetsu e Sado zo” segment of a program aired by NHK
5. Interviewed by the “Niigata Shi Higashi ku Rekishi Roman Project Inkai” committee for the “Kido” edition.