About Our Company

Words from the President

We take pride in providing an underlying key component that supports social infrastructure.

As a responsible corporate body, our company treats both individual customers and society with integrity and sincerity.

Our products include locomotives and maintenance vehicles (maintenance for railroad tracks and high voltage electric lines) that have been essential components in developing social infrastructure.

The manufacturing of such vital products is faces serious challenges, including an aging workforce combined with a decreasing working population. This situation forces us to transition to more efficient and speedy operations, support response, and automatization. Furthermore, achieving a carbon neutral operation is another obstacle that we need to tackle. All these changes mean that we must aggressively pursue further technological innovation.

However, that is not new to us. We are proud to have been a company constantly battling with various new challenges as we develop products. We will continue to concentrate our efforts to deliver products that exhibit excellent usability and cost performance to our customers.

Koji Horigami

PHILOSOPHY Management Philosophy

We strive to deliver excellent manufacturing and strong customer service. Making reliable products and shipping them on time is half a goal; we are making products that bring our customers maximum satisfaction and user-friendliness.

This is the value we want to deliver to our customers through our products. We understand that it is easy to say, but difficult to do. However, that is the thought that guides us when we make our products.

OVERVIEW Corporate profile

Location 7-3-69, Yamakido, Higashi-ku,Niigata,950-0871 Japan
TEL +81-25-274-3311+81-25-274-3311
FAX +81-25-271-4812
President Koji Horigami
Establishment November 2, 1965
Employee 58 persons(April.2023)
Capital 97.5 million yen
Business activity Business activity, Railroad vehicle, Special equipment vehicle , Cargo work industrial machine, A design, manufacture and sale of an equipment labor-saving machine, and repair and reconstruction of the above-mentioned
●Business line
Railroad vehicle Diesel locomotive, Hybrid engine, Servomotor loading engine, Battery loco, Engine, Track motorcar, Motorcar, Track maintenance maintenance vehicle, Structure (under bridge) inspection vehicle, Rail truck, Rail grinding vehicle, Dumping Truck, Iron Truck, Equipment truck, Staffs transport vehicle, Round vehicle, Recording coach, Measurement vehicle, Wire maintenance vehicle, Height maintenance vehicle, Extension vehicle, The car for maintenance, Maintenance vehicle, Tunnel check vehicle, Bridge check vehicle, Ballast excavator, Ballast maintenance vehicle, Truck train, Coach, Granby vehicle, Monorail mobile workshop, Simulator equipment, Various track maintenance apparatus
●Iron mill relations
Cart, Scrap shot cart, Slag bread cart, Molten iron vehicle, Pan cart, Fire-extinguishing vehicle, Slab conveyance cart, Conveyance cart, Weight cart, Tele contest operation type engine
●Special equipment vehicle
Transformer Farquhar for concrete placing, MRV, AGV, RGV, Tunnel soaping machine, Tunnel surface-of-a-wall dust cart, Tunnel light implement check vehicle, Tunnel hammering test equipment, Cavitation soaping machine, Tunnel cleaning robot, Mortar spraying robot, A special kind car with an elastic conveyor, A special kind car with a revolution conveyor, Height maintenance vehicle, Boom lifter, Tanker
●Cargo work industrial machine
Various plants, Conveyor, Bucket conveyor, Crusher, Trommel, Carrier line, Electric cart, Turntable, Elevator



●By Shinkansen
Joetsu Shinkansen Tokyo Station → Niigata Station Approximately 1 hour 45 minutes
From the Bandai Exit of Niigata Station, take the Niigata Kotsu Bus E40 Ogata Line "Niigata Ekimae" and get off at "Yamakido" and walk for 1 minute.
●By Airplane
20 minutes by car or taxi from Niigata Airport.
●By car from Tokyo
10 minutes from Niigata Bypass Takeo IC via Hokuriku Expressway.

QUALITY POLICY Our Quality Policy

To provide products that satisfy our customers' requirements and comply with applicable regulations, our company, Hokuriku Heavy Industries, Ltd, conducts its business activities systematically and efficiently based on our management philosophy, so we can enhance customer satisfaction by effectively and continually operating and improving our quality management system.
Our employees must comply with the following policies when performing tasks.

• Understand our customers’ needs and strive to meet or exceed their expectations.Achieve our commitments for job, assure PDCA cycle.
• Set targets for each task and incorporate those targets into PDCA (plan-do-check-act) cycles.
• Demonstrate leadership and collectively devise measures to solve problems, to achieve our targets.
• Understand the importance of the respective role each employee plays, and perform these roles responsibly. To achieve our quality policy we pursue the following activities:

(1)Fulfill our customers’ requirements and continually improve our quality management system.
(2)Set quality targets and review them accordingly.
(3)Explain our quality policy to our entire organization so every employee understands it perfectly.
(4)Review our quality policy and manage it appropriately.

Dated November 1st, 2007
Hokuriku Heavy Industries, Ltd.