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Railroad RAMS What is railway RAMS?

First of all, look at an article printed on the Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun (on the first page printed on August 5, 2010).

Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun (on the first page printed on August 5, 2010).

“Railway RAMS” stands for Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety.
In recent years conformity to the RAMS standard is often required in the contract of overseas railway projects (in Europe and Southeast Asia in particular) and companies incapable of satisfying the requirements are likely to be excluded from the candidacy of bidding.
While Japanese railway vehicles are at the best quality level in the world without doubt, they are based on standards created in Europe and, because detail technical preliminary examination based on data is necessary, Japanese enterprises that have been less enthusiastic in data accumulation are behind the race in view of conformity to the RAMS standard.
In recent years, conformity to the RAMS standard is required not only for passenger cars but also for maintenance vehicles, and we decided to conform to the RAMS standard.
While the current project is rather hard to achieve for not a large enterprise such as us because a good sum must be paid to a professional consultant, the experience can be applied to later projects once data accumulation is made, so that we will be able to meet requirements for conformity to the RAMS standard in maintenance vehicles, which may be requested for in projects ordered by a trading company or passenger car manufacturer, at lower costs.

Documents we are preparing for the project described in the article above include the following.

1Equipment System Assurance Plan
2Design Safety Studies
3Equipment Safety Requirement Specification
4Equipment Hazard Analysis and Hazard Log Report
5System Hazard Analysis
6Subsystem Hazard Analysis
7Interface Hazard Analysis
8Operating System Hazard Analysis
9Equipment Fire Engineering Report
10Equipment FMECA Report
11Equipment FTA
12Engineering Safety Validation Plan
13Engineering Safety Validation Report
14Engineering Safety Verificatin Plan
15Engineering Safety Verificatin Report
16Equipment System Assurance Report include QA
17Equipment RAM Demonstration Test Plan RAM
18Equipment RAM Demonstration Report RAM
19RAM Analysis & Prediction Report RAM